BusinessObjects v3 101 - Navigating InfoView

Author: Hillyer LMS (for BusinessObjects Training)

90% of our customers' user bases use only InfoView! That's why we offered this course first!

InfoView, the web portal used to access and refresh BusinessObjects content, is a great starting place for using BusinessObjects and that is what you'll learn to use during this course. This course includes 5 lessons and a practice exericse, designed by training professionals that have 12+ years of both BusinessObjects classroom training and real-world consulting experience. 

You will learn how to access InfoView and navigate to find documents. You will also learn how to view and refresh reports, as well as export report data to other formats like Excel, PDF or CSV. You will upload local documents into InfoView and send documents to other users. Lastly, you will learn to schedule documents and access documents that have been scheduled.

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BusinessObjects v3 101 - Navigating InfoView

10101 v3 InfoView - Getting Started with InfoView

Learn how to login to InfoView and find documents using the search feature and folder navigation.

10102 v3 InfoView - Viewing Documents

Learn how to view existing reports within InfoView and refresh the report data.

10103 v3 InfoView - Downloading and Uploading Documents

Learn to download report data from InfoView to Excel, PDF, and CSV. Also, learn how to upload local documents such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and PDF files into InfoView so you can store all of your documents and reports in one central area.

10104 v3 InfoView - Scheduling Documents

Learn how to setup Web Intelligence to run on a recurring schedule, such as daily, weekly or monthly and how to view documents that have been scheduled. This module also discusses the concept of instances.

10105 v3 InfoView - Sending Documents to Users

Learn how to send documents to other users' InfoView inboxes. This is an easy way to share reports with other users without worrying about email box size restrictions.

101E1 v3 InfoView - Exercise 1

This exercise tests your skills navigating in InfoView, finding a document, refreshing the document data, and saving it to your personal folder.

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